The trencadís, the chaos made perfection

By 1 October, 2016Objects in focus

What is the most idiosyncratic of Gaudí’s architecture?

What are the details that make us say Eps! Does this seems custom ordered by Güell? Are the bright colors, organic forms, references to animals and plants, the midpoint between crafts and architecture or this strange mosaic in which, if we look closely, can we find bottlenecks?

Probably it will be all this what gives Gaudí’s legacy is evidenced in a whole way of making and living the buildings. But if we keep the element that undoubtedly brings together innovation and values ​​for nature, we are not talking about anything other than trencadís.

Known among many as the puzzle of nature, trencadís is born from what American artists called happy accident. Gaudí, in a visit to the workshop of the ceramist Lluís Brú, became impatient with the work and breaking a pot of tile exclaiming A handfuls have to be placed, if not, we will never end!

With the push of his collaborator Josep Maria Jujol, Gaudí played with this technique of shredding the leftovers of materials such as slab, glass and enameled ceramics and, applying it for the first time on the doorknobs of the Güell estate of Pedralbes Avenue, he did of this technique an entire institution. Since then, part of his research task included visits to the Pujol and Bausis factory in Esplugues de Llobregat, as well as to the piles of construction debris close to the site of a project.

We talked about a technique that goes beyond recycling: Gaudí reused the materials. In the same way we refer to a tool that by itself reflected its identity in the architecture and nature binomial, because we find true trencadíses in several natural phenomena and structures: to pineapples, flowers, even the bark of a pine.

Look where we look and go wherever we go, one thing is very safe: when you send in us the interested look of the creative being, it is impossible for us not to join the social and artistic wave of which Antonio Gaudí was a fervent participant. This is the movement that advocates respect for the environment, as well as towards the association between man and nature on a walk for the enjoyment of sight and spirit.