A unique museum dedicated to Antoni Gaudí in an unrivalled space

Named The Gaudí Exhibition Center and centrally located on Barcelona’s Avinguda de la Catedral, the museum houses a unique collection of pieces, objects and documents by this great universal architect. Presented is nearly a century of international research on Gaudí: on the man and his work, and on his revolutionary working methods. The space shines a spotlight on one of the great architects and artists of the history of mankind, ensuring the promotion and dissemination of his innovative legacy.

The Gaudí Exhibition Center has been created through an agreement between the Museu Diocesà de Barcelona and Gaudí Exhibition with the aim of creating an international museum dedicated to Antoni Gaudí in an original and unique space.


Museu Diocesà de Barcelona

The Museu Diocesà de Barcelona was opened in 1916. Today it brings together an extensive collection of sacred works of art and other pieces from Barcelona that span over 2,000 years of history.

Molines Patrimonis   

Molines Patrimonis  is created in 2000 with the aim of managing the Cardelùs–Maestre  family estate.

A significant part of the company’s assets is made up of real estate situated in Andorra. Since its creation, Molines Patrimonishas promoted diverse real estate projects destined for commercial and hotel use as well as for that of services, whilst maintaining the profitability of these products. Molines Patrimonis is also the owner of an important amount of land.

The values by which our activities are governed are: family, ethics, longevity, business sense and professional competence.


The Gaudí Research Institute

The Gaudí Research Institute brings together renowned scholars of the life and work of Antoni Gaudí. Their work ranges from studying and analyzing original documents and works to disseminating his revolutionary working methods which are fully in force today.

The Gaudí Research Institute has a vast collection of documents and books dedicated to Gaudí as well as objects and works, many of them unknown until now. This has made it possible to set up the new Gaudí Exhibition Center with original works by the architect and to provide a careful scientific assessment of an international nature, making the new research on Gaudí undertaken around the world available to the public.