Pintar (a) Menorca

By 19 September, 2019Temporary exhibitions

September is the month of the year in which children return to school, for many it is the month of returning from vacation, perhaps from some Mediterranean’s island… For the Gaudí Exhibition Center-Diocesan Museum of Barcelona, ​​it is the month in we are launching the new temporary exhibition.

We start this season inaugurating the next September 20th at 19:00 the exhibition Pintar (a) Menorca (Painting (at) Menorca), a collection of the work of 5 artists who made of the landscape, the people, the history, the sea and the island environment their particular muse who guide their hands to create those plastic images over the withe canvas. The curator of the exhibition says, “islands usually have a great power of attraction to artists”. This is a great example of it but also a show of respect for the landscape and the admiration for the people and the genuine character of the little one of the Gymnesian Islands.

Pintar (a) Menorca - Museo Gaudí

Following the brush strokes of the figurative paintings of Josep Vives Campoamor, Francesc Artigau, Xavier Serra de Rivera, Josep Serra Llimona y Miquel Vilà we can walk through the Menorca’s silhouette using our minds, swim into the sea, know the villagers and their works or admire the reflection of its particular lights.
All this, until November 24th, inside the historic building of civil gothic and baroque style known in Barcelona as the Pia Limoina, headquarters of the Gaudí Exhibition Center, located on the left side of the main door of the Barcelona’s Cathedral.

This tribute to the painters and the essence of Menorca has been commissioned by por Àlex Susanna and Carles Jiménez organized by Consell Insular de Menorca, Departament de Promoció Turística and helped by Menorca Reserva de la Biosfera, Menorca Talaiòtica and Diocesan Museum of Barcelona.