Let’s go to the Museum!

Because the rythm of life that most of us have today, it is sometimes difficult to find a time to expand our knowledge on that subject that we have been thinking about for a long time, to have a good time with friends or family or simply to visit an open space of the city that we have never visited before. All this can be done within a museum and it is usually we have to find a good excuse to take the step to visit them for whatever reason. Well, a good reason is here. This 18th of May is celebrated the International Day of Museums! That in this edition turns 41 years.

Every year since the 1977 in the International Council of Museums (ICOM) it encourages all the museums to join the celebration of this day to give visibility to the work that is done from these to facilitate cultural exchange, the development of mutual understanding and collaboration for peace between peoples.

The 2019 edition is focused on the change of status being carried out by museums. More and more museums combine their traditional function (conservation, protection and diffusion) with the start-up of new projects that help to integrate the environment and the neighbors in the activities of the museum.


The International Museum’s Day at The Gaudí Exhibition Center

Following this idea, from the Gaudí Exhibition Center we wanted to take out of the walls of our building the knowledge and diffusion that in it is contained. That is why we have organized guided tours to the Gothic quarter of Barcelona (where our headquarters is), In order to integrate into it and make it known to anyone who is interested.

In the same way, our collection is the work of a collaboration between the Diocesan Museum of Barcelona and the Gaudí Exhibition Center. With pieces from both collections and the collaboration between both institutions we join this collaborative trend and understanding that is so much claimed from museums. It could not be otherwise, since Antoni Gaudí, the person to whom we paid homage in our space, was a firm defender of collaboration between artists, craftsmen, patrons, ecclesiastics and civil society.

On this day so designated for anyone who is dedicated to the arts, heritage or education or simply is interested in these matters has the perfect framework to celebrate it in a big way. From the Gaudí Exhibition Center we want to join in the celebration of this day and wish you a great International Museum Day!