Gaudí’s reflection

By 5 June, 2017Antoni Gaudí

Irregularity is all unexpected, surprise or stupor, are essential parts and characteristics of beauty [Charles Baudelaire].

We are not surprised that a work like Antoni Gaudí’s cause, to all those who observe it, a mixture of admiration, curiosity and surprise. Even so, his influence has ended up having more weight for contemporary architects than for his contemporaries.

The originality of the architect is hardly inimitable, so it cannot be said that he has “created a school.” In fact, part of his magic is precisely into this exceptionality. Even so, numerous architects have been attracted in such a way that Gaudí’s essence has ended up giving his characteristic style.

One of them was the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer who, taking inspiration from the 60 parabolic arches that support the roof of the Casa Batlló, decided to use the same style of construction for the church of San Francisco de Asís, in the Brazilian town of Pampulha. He affirmed that “freedom is what I admire most in an architect. Gaudí is a confused architect but he had the courage to transgress the established canons and that is why he occupies a unique place in modern architecture. ”

Another of the great geniuses of architecture who was also admired by Gaudí’s work was Le Corbusier. Walking through Barcelona, ​​he saw the Pedrera, Casa Batlló, the Sagrada Familia and even the Güell wineries when he went to Sitges. Gaudí’s work woke him up so much of interest. In his travel notebook he explains “What I saw in Gaudí was the work of a man with strength, with an extraordinary faith and technical capacity […]. Gaudí was a great artist; Only those who move the hearts of men remain and will remain. ”

It is often said that a work of art is like an arrow, the parable of which extends the limits of what is known and understandable beyond its time. That is when the work reaches its magnitude, that is why today Gaudí’s constructions continue beating intensely.