Museum Dedicated to Antoni Gaudí

Named The Gaudí Exhibition Center and centrally located on Barcelona´s Avinguda de la Catedral, the museum houses a unique collection of pieces, objects and documents by this great universal architect. It presents nearly a century of international research on Gaudí: on the man, on his work, and on his revolutionary working methods. The space shines a spotlight on one of the great architects and artists of the history of mankind, ensuring the promotion and dissemination of his innovative legacy.

The Gaudí Exhibition Center has been created through an agreement between the Museu Diocesà de Barcelona and Gaudí Exhibition with the aim of creating an international museum dedicated to Antoni Gaudí in an original and unique space.

Gaudí Exhibition Center promotes Gaudí, his work and Barcelona around the world.

Museo Gaudí Barcelona

The space – Museu Diocesà Barcelona

The Gaudí Exhibition Center is found in the medieval Pia Almoina building, home to the Museu Diocesà de Barcelona, located next to the Cathedral in the heart of Barcelona. Around 12 million tourists and visitors transit the large square bounded by the Cathedral and museum every year. This is the most visited space in Barcelona.

This building originated as a charitable institution founded by Barcelona’s canonry in 1,009 to care for pilgrims and the poor.

Initially and until the 12th century, it was located next to the Cathedral where the Capella de Santa Llúcia is found today, and thereafter it was moved to its present location: a set of buildings supported by the Roman wall that had been home to the canonry from the 10th to the 14th century (1,369), when the canons left the conventual rule. The Roman wall was then partially demolished, and the buildings that stand today were constructed. The building boasts the highest heritage standing (National Cultural Heritage). It consists of two bodies, one in the Gothic style with its side facade on the Baixada de la Canongia and entrance through Pla de la Seu, built around 1,435, and another in the Renaissance style built longitudinally to the other and added around 1546.

Remains from the previous structures are still visible, including a tower and fragments of the 4th century wall and a pre-Romanesque capital.


The sponsorship program is aimed at all institutions and companies that wish to participate actively in The Gaudí Exhibition Center´s project, helping it to achieve a level of excellence in all its artistic and educational activities.

A large number of forms of collaboration with different benefits are offered with this objective. If you are interested in your company forming part of this collective, we would be delighted to study your needs and design a more suitable collaboration program with you.

Patrocinio Museo Gaudí Barcelona

Museu Diocesà Barcelona

The Museu Diocesà de Barcelona was opened in 1916. Today it brings together an extensive collection of sacred works of art and other pieces from Barcelona that span over 2,000 years of history.

Logo Museu Diocesà

Expertus Group

Expertus Gestión de Activos Turísticos was created within Expertus Group, it’s a business initiative specialized in Management of Tourism-Cultural Attractions of Major Heritage Sites.

The Gaudí Research Institute

The Gaudí Research Institute brings together renowned scholars of the life and work of Antoni Gaudí. Their work ranges from studying and analyzing original documents and works to disseminating his revolutionary working methods which are fully in force today.

The Gaudí Research Institute has a vast collection of documents and books dedicated to Gaudí as well as objects and works, many of them unknown until now. This has made it possible to set up the new Gaudí Exhibition Center with original works by the architect and to provide a careful scientific assessment of an international nature, making the new research on Gaudí undertaken around the world available to the public.

Gaudí Research institute