Nau central de la Sagrada Familia

Can we understand GaudA�a��s artwork by just visiting it?

Why should we only watch a creation when we can completely dive in the creatora��s mind?

Given that understanding a piece undeniable goes with understanding the genius, we invite you get to know the architecta��s creativity.

Come explore the revolutionary ideas that took him to use unconventional methods and to finally find out in what way all of this turned him into the universal genius that he was then and that we try to figure out today.


Casa Vicens

Even though he was a loyal man of his time, GaudA� took over the established by the end of the 19th century and mixed, in each individual piece, the spirit of art, the respect of tradition, the know-how of craft and the precision of science.

Just as the architect did, the collection of Walking with GaudA� is a daring and vast amalgam of original documents, unique periactin for sale, generic dapoxetine. pieces and surprising models that get mixed with the innovative look of audio visual installations, holograms and peculiar scenographies.


Thanks to the collaboration of Samsung, technological partner of GaudA� Exhibition Center, it is now possible to travel to the past and meet with GaudA� himself.

The virtual reality activity completes, without leaving anybody indifferent, the experience of digitally visiting the interior of the crypt inside the ColA?nia GA?ell.