It is possible traveling to the past? Yes, with the Virtual Reallity Glasses

Have a personal meeting with Gaudí at Cripta of the Colonia Güell thanks to the Samsung Gear VR vitrual reallity glasses. You will remember it for ever.

Make a travel to he past during a few minutes and you could watch how it would be work with Gaudí, finishind the details of the Cripta Güell, one of his unfinished works that leave behind the genious arquitect.

The works of the church of the Colonia Güell started in 1908, after a decade of project preparation.  However in 1914 the Güell son’s tell to the arquitect that the works must stops. Gaudí only could build the Criopt, but, the building it is considerade one of the master pieces of the genious. The cript it is a real lab of his new architecture style. It is the place where he practice all about he will use to built the Sagrada Familia.

The Samsung Gear VR are a mobile device of vitual reallity developed by Samsung Electronics in colaboration with Oculus VR. Compatible with Samsung Galaxy devices, it acts as a display and its processor contains a high field of view of lenses, as well as an IMU structure for rotation tracking, which connects to the smartphone via a micro-USB connection,  in any Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.

The Gear VR device includes a touchpad and a get back button that helps the users to interact in a virtual world. A unique experience that you can try at the exhibition Walking with Gaudí at The Gaudí Exhibition Center!