Chronicles of a night tour

By 6 November, 2019Activities and events

Last Thursday, October 31  we joined the festivities of the weekend with a special visit of legends and mysteries of the Old Town of Barcelona. The visit left at half past five in the afternoon from the entrance of our museum. The visitors, excited, followed our wonderful guide as night fell. They toured the streets of the Gothic quarter through the oldest and most emblematic squares, full of buildings and decorations, carved with stones that have been there for more than five hundred years. In Plaza de Sant Iu they discovered the old entrance of the Cathedral of Barcelona, ​​while the guide told them the legend of Fra Garí, related to the first count of Barcelona: Guifré el Pilós. But there were more legends in the evening, such as the one that speaks of a procession of the dead in the cloister of the cathedral, or the one that hides a witch’s little house in Garriga i Bachs square.

There were also moments for the most historical anecdotes, such as medieval processions, the fall of Barcelona in the war of succession and the authoritarian past in the city.

I it was a moment of encounter with the historical and popular past of Barcelona. From our museum we want to thank all of you who joined us and we hope to see you soon in another of our guided tours.